Engine internals assembly

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20161108_07235120161108_07234720161107_12331920161107_12331520161107_10012520161107_09404620161117_10445620161117_09060820161117_09060620161116_16262320161116_16263120161116_13005020161116_16064320161116_13004520161115_12354020161115_12090420161115_12090020161115_08500620161115_08170320161115_07474520161115_07474120161115_07394820161115_07393920161114_14291120161114_14154120161114_14153420161114_14151320161114_12235720161114_12194620161207_12420020161207_12330620161206_16440720161206_16100120161206_094219This is a featured content post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post.

2 thoughts on “Engine internals assembly

  1. Haven’t seen this until now, despite seeing your general posts on SF for along while. What an awesome build. Love the gold wrap. Reminds me of the McLaren F1.
    Motivating stuff, Nick. Keep it up!

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