Hello and welcome to Project High RPM. My name is Nick and I’ll be keeping you updated on everything here. I’ve had my 92 supra for about 10 years now and over the years I’ve been through multiple stages. About a year ago I was able to start working on her again after not really doing anything for about 5 years. Just like many of us I wanted to do a few simple things that snowballed into the ultimate goal that I have always wanted to achieve. So over the last year I have been collecting parts and slowing working towards my goal. That goal being a very responsive high rpm 1jz that I intend to use for time attack,  road course racing, hill climb or anything I can get my hand on. I really like doing things differently and being as unique as I can, and I really wanted to take a different approach to the typical 1jz build. I’ll be adding pictures and commentary as I progress. So here is my interpretation and journey to get a high revving, responsive, unique 1jz race engine. Enjoy!