A look into pie cuts

Whats the best way to get a 3.5″ pipe to fit perfectly in a small space? Well, the answer would be to cut it up into a million pieces and glue them back together. So that is exactly what I did. The total process took about 9 hours of measuring, cutting, filing and welding. Each pie cut is 9* which makes bends uniform and easy. 5 pie cuts equals 45* and 10 equals 90*. This makes quick work and precise bends. The finished piece is one precisely molded pipe that fits in its location perfectly. Continue reading A look into pie cuts

Fabricating a flange AN fitting

Since my engine management wont be utilizing a oil level sensor, I needed some thing to take its place. I could have made a simple block off plate and be done with it. But of course that would be no fun. So I took to the shop and got started on a flange that incorporated a -10an male fitting. This could be used for a number of different things, for example, a catch can drain or custom fill hole. I’ll be blocking it off with a cap as I currently do not have a true use for it. Materials consist of 1/4″ 6061 aluminum plate and a 6061 -10an male bulkhead fitting.

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