3/4″ bore clutch master cylinder adapter plate

This 3/4″ bore master cylinder was needed for the extra fluid capacity to operate the Tilton release bearing properly. Only problem is the angle of the flange differs from the original one. It tilts the reservoir to the left and one of the mounting holes is closer in on the new unit. I needed to make an adapter to mount the new master in the original spot but still have the master straight up. Another challenge was the thickness of the adapter, it had to be sturdy enough which requires thickness but not too thick to push the master too far out of the fire wall. Luckily the new master is 1/2″ longer from flange to pushrod end. I planned on using two 1/4″ 6061 flanges and welding them together, equalling a flange thickness of 1/2″ to make up the longer pushrod length. Drilled and tapped holes for the studs to go into their respective flanges and welded the two together. Overall a simple effective solution to mount a 3/4″ master cylinder into a Supra. Continue reading 3/4″ bore clutch master cylinder adapter plate

Shorai lithium iron battery tie down

Here we have a simple and effective solution to securing the battery to the vehicle. I wanted something that was light and minimum. 6061 aluminum is once again the choice material. I made the rear bracket slightly higher to allow the top to be clamped down using the bolt. Lined the bracket with high density foam to keep a snug fit. Finished off with a machined hole to allow the charging cable to still be plugged in while mounted. The total weight of the bracket and battery is about 4lbs.. Now that’s weight savings! Continue reading Shorai lithium iron battery tie down

A look into pie cuts

Whats the best way to get a 3.5″ pipe to fit perfectly in a small space? Well, the answer would be to cut it up into a million pieces and glue them back together. So that is exactly what I did. The total process took about 9 hours of measuring, cutting, filing and welding. Each pie cut is 9* which makes bends uniform and easy. 5 pie cuts equals 45* and 10 equals 90*. This makes quick work and precise bends. The finished piece is one precisely molded pipe that fits in its location perfectly. Continue reading A look into pie cuts