Cockpit Construction

Well its time for the cockpit construction! That means remove everything inside that normal people would want in their vehicles and replace it with unpractical race car technology! Lucky for me, this will be a track car and all the goodies going in will be right at home.

Removed the dashboard and dash harness, HVAC system, cluster, steering column, body harness, heater core, radio, pedal assembly and all components off the firewall. This will leave me with a blank canvas to construct the new setup for racing.

I’ll be running a Ecumaster ADU7 digital dash to display all my engine parameters along with an Ecumaster PMU16 with data logging, Ecumaster 12 CAN Keyboard, Ecumaster EMU Black standalone, a Davies Craig water pump controller and a few other instruments. This will make viewing all important information quick and easy. Next I’ll be installed a Sweet Manufacturing race steering column with disconnected, attached to it will be a MOMO 270mm MOD27c steering wheel and Cartek Wireless steering controls. This will allow precise control of the vehicle and control without having to take my hands off the wheel.

Full carbon fiber dash board. First a70 carbon dahs on the planet, pretty cool piece.


Holes will be cut for the roll cage and shell be good to go in.

Will also be installing an electric heating system to keep the windows defrosted and the cabin warm during those cold days. This is very important in regions like the Northwest. The entire dash harness is getting removed and a new chassis harness will be made to control operations like; windows, door locks, headlights, signals and wipers. All other components will be removed.

Now that the firewall is bare, components will slowly get installed over the next few weeks











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